GTIMS℠ by Greytruck!
GTIMS℠ Dashboard Product View 3PL Build Dock Integrated Google Cloud Print UPS(R) Integration

100%-custom platform
No more midware

How different users interface with GTIMS

  • The 3PL Service Provider
    Your custom-built GTIMS℠ system manages all core functions, enabling hyper-focus on clients and their customers
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  • The 3PL's Clients
    Your clients use GTIMS℠ to keep tabs on their orders, inventory, consumables,
    & collateral files.
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  • The Clients' Customers
    Your clients' customers use GTIMS℠ to place orders,
    track shipments, &
    access support services
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One of the most common complaints of 3PL service providers is lack of transparency and/or clear reporting.
Each GTIMS℠ system is deliberately engineered to not only address this sensitive issue,
but to go far above & beyond clients' expecations of a 3PL...

which makes you look awesome.

We are looking for active 3PLs & 3PSCMs to try GTIMS

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